DAINEWS FAQs page: Updated 11/02/2022
Here's some answers to frequently asked questions about DAINEWS.
I'll be adding to it as new updates or questions come in.

I want to thank everyone who sent me incredible heartfelt messages
when they found out the site was closing—thanking me for running the
site over the years and remembering all the great times they had here.

Why did DAINEWS close?
I ran the site from 1998 until 2022. During that time, I added pictures
on a daily schedule 365/7 days a week, and rarely missed an update.

The grind of that, plus other things, like the hassles of keeping
hardware going, credit card processing woes, and the generally gray
copyright area of running a celebrity picture site always looming in
the background eventually added up.

Over the years, I've just burnt out and got old like everyone else, and
my real 24/7/365 job in IT tech support has increased in complexity
from what it was in the past too.

Will I miss running DAINEWS?
Hell yeah! It feels weird to stop something after putting a conservative
estimate of over 20,000 hours of my life into it.

It was great most of the time, and I'll miss all the people who came
here to visit, hang out and look at celebrity pictures.

I feel bad about letting you guys down more than anything else. I've
always felt like many of you were real friends I grew up with over
20+ years and I'll miss you guys! 

Can I recommend other sites like DAINEWS?
Nothing quite like DAINEWS, but some celebrity related sites other
people have mentioned:
Mr. Skin
Uncle Scoopy's Fun House
Vintage Erotica Forum
Phun.org Forum

Other questions and answers
More FAQs will be added here as time goes on, hopefully...

Contact information
Questions or comments can be sent to: dainewsmail@gmail.com